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  • LonelyMockingjay

    Since there was a tie between Restless Road and Ellona Santiago, I randomized the winner, and it is....


    On December we will have a Season One act. Vote on the poll on the main page to choose your favorite act form the 1st season.

    Have fun!

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    With this new season, we have updated the page to hve an all new design!

    Also, we will be introducing the Act of the Month. Every month a poll will be put up to choose the act of the month. To make it easier, we will change the season every month. This month (october) we're starting with Tate Stevens, last season's winner. On November we will have a Season Three Act. Please vote in the poll on the main page. Have Fun!

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  • LonelyMockingjay

    Its Time

    February 17, 2013 by LonelyMockingjay

    Its time for our little community to get more and more people. If one user *cough*Kristiegirl*cough* did this place what it is today, imagine what more can! I think we should start by promoting it. Try to tell people on other wikis about it. Go to other chats, tell them about this place, and anonymous users, don't be afraid of making accounts. Today, I made the background, favicon, and main page, and this is a way to attract more people. Lets make this not just an ecyclopedia, but a community!

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